August '17

Hola mpinji! This is AFROSYNTH, the realest African selection...

Coming up we'll be checking out albums by TERYLENE, THE RIBBONS, BIBBI, POOSH and more.

PAMELA NKUTHA - Umntanami (Kidnapped) (1988)

On Record, ONH105
Producers: Steve Cooks, Thema Mawelela & Velaphi Mthimkhulu
Engineer: David 'Mr Mix' Moloele
Recorded at: Orange 338

Classic dancefloor disco in the vein of Mercy Pakela, Nomuntu, Fabasi, V-Mash and others, produced by the On Record team Steve Cooks, Themba 'Little Big Man' Mawelela and Velaphi Mthimkhulu. Titles include 'Imaliyami' (my money), 'African Women' and  'Phansi Phezulu', dedicated to taxi drivers.